Section 1: Personal Particulars

Macau University of Science and Technology
MUST-Macao Environmental Research Institute
Vice-Chancellor & President

Research Project provided for Macao Youth Scholars Program:

Environmental hydraulics and AI-based forecast systems for water security
0815 水利工程
0830 环境科学与工程
Good theoretical background in fluid mechanics and water quality; interest and ability to do both numerical modeling and field work
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; MSc in Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; BSc in Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Awards & Honours: Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom (2008); Fellow, Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (2002); President, International Association for Hydro-environmental Engineering and Research (IAHR) (2019-); Da Yu Hydro-Science and Engineering Award (Second Class), “Hong Kong Happy Valley Underground Smart Flood Control System”, Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (2018). Innovation Award (First Prize, Sustainability), “Supercritical Vortex Intakes for Urban Stormwater Management”, Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC) (2017); Honorary Member, International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) (2015); Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) (2013); China State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (Second class) (2010) (Principal Investigator); Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award, American Society of Civil Engineers (2009); Innovation Award for Construction Industry, “Underground Flood Alleviation Scheme”, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (2002); Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellowship Award (1998); Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (1998); Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (1992-1993); Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship, Imperial College of Science and Technology, United Kingdom (1985-1986). Appointments: Honorary Director, Key Laboratory of River Basin Digital Twinning of Ministry of Water Resources, China (2022-); Chairman, Management Committee of the National Observation and Research Station of Coastal Ecological Environments in Macao (2021-); Honorary Professor, Nankai University (2010-); Honorary Professor, Hohai University (2019-); Chief Editor, Journal of Hydro-environment Research, Elsevier (2007-2019); Associate Editor, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE (1997-); Associate Editor, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Springer (2011-2020); Chairman, Hong Kong Research Grants Council (2020-March 2021); Chairman, Assessment Panel of the Hong Kong Public Policy Research Scheme, Hong Kong SAR Government (2017-); Member, Aviation Development and Three-runway System Advisory Committee, Hong Kong SAR Government (2015-2021).

Section 2: Research Interests and Grants

Hydraulics, civil and environmental engineering, water quality modeling and forecast system
(i) Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Hydro-ecological and Environmental Monitoring System for Water Security Warning, Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission, HKD2,446,234 (Sept 2020 – Aug 2023)
(ii) Development of New Disinfection Control Strategy in the Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works, Hong Kong Drainage Services Department, HKD1,350,000 (08/2020 – 07/2022)
(iii) Beach Water Quality Forecast System and Development of Mobile Applications
for dissemination of Forecast Results, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, HKD1,250,000 (08/2020 – 07/2022)