Section 1: Personal Particulars

Wong Pak Kin
Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, Taipa, Macau
University of Macau
UMAC-Faculty of Science and Technology
Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)

Research Project provided for Macao Youth Scholars Program:

Hysteresis identification and moving horizon control of the hydraulic adjustable damper with integrated model-data driving strategy
0802 机械工程
0811 控制科学与工程
Good journal paper publication record in related areas
Ph.D. in Electromechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

Section 2: Research Interests and Grants

Automotive engineering; Fluid power engineering; Mechanical vibration; Artificial intelligence for medical diagnosis
1. Title: Hybrid dynamic modeling and active fault tolerant control on multi-mode switching air suspension systems, Source: National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Ref. no. 52175127, Amount: RMB: 580,000, Duration: 1/1/2022-31/12/2025.
2. Title: Robust and fault-tolerant control of automotive air suspension systems with multiple parametric uncertainties, Source: University of Macau, Ref. no. MYRG2020-00045-FST, Amount: MOP75,000, Duration: 1/1/2022- 31/12/2023.
3. Title: Study on key technologies for intelligent sensing and precision control of surgical robot under dynamic environment, Source: 广东省基础与应用基础研究基金-深圳市联合基金(粤深联合基金),粤港澳研究团队项目, Ref. no. 2021B1515130003, Total amount: RBM 2,000,000 (My proportion is RMB 400,000), Duration: 1/10/2021-30/9/2025.
4. Title: Chassis integrated control for distributed drive intelligent vehicles using advanced control strategies, Source: 大湾区汽车工程实验室研究经费 supported by Guangdong University of Technology, Amount: MOP 300,000, Duration: 30/03/2022 to 31/12/2024. (The fund has been approved by the Guangdong University of Technology and it will be transferred to my unit after establishment of an agreement with the University of Macau.)