Section 1: Personal Particulars

YU Hua
Associate Professor
2884 1358
8822 8540
University of Macau
UMAC-SKL of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine

Research Project provided for Macao Youth Scholars Program:

基於傳統功效的中藥豨薟草藥效活性 組分及其構效關係與藥理作用靶標研究
Investigation on the structure-activity relationships and pharmacological mechanisms of bioactive components based on the traditional efficacy of Siegesbeckiae Herba
1008 中药学
0202 应用经济学,0702 物理学,0703 化学,0704 天文学,0705 地理学,0707 海洋科学,0708 地球物理学,0709 地质学,0710 生物学,0713 生态学,0802 机械工程,0803 光学工程,0805 材料科学与工程,0807 动力工程及工程热物理,0808 电气工程,0809 电子科学与技术,0810 信息与通信工程,0811 控制科学与工程,0814 土木工程,0827 核科学与技术,0831 生物医学工程,0832 食品科学与工程,1001 基础医学,1004 公共卫生与预防医学,1007 药学,1008 中药学
Applicants should have strong research background in Chinese Medicine, Pharmacology and analytical chemistry. Those with relevant lab experience in animal experiments will be preferred.

Section 2: Research Interests and Grants

1. Pharmaceutical Sciences • Innovative pharmaceutical designs and development • Functional polymeric materials for drug delivery 2. Quality consistency assessment of Chinese Medicines • Chinese medicines for inflammatory diseases • Quality control and standards for Chinese medicines
• The quality consistency evaluation for the multi-originated Chinese Herb of Bupleuri Radix. Research Committee of the University of Macau, MYRG2022-00189-ICMS, MOP 480,000, 2023-2024.
• Re-evaluation and quality standard research for the resource plants of multi-original Chinese medicine of Folium et Cacumen Murrayae. The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT), 0159/2020/A3, MOP 1,680,000, 2020-2024.
• Development and industrialization of therapeutic drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT), 0058/2020/AGJ, MOP 889,800, 2020-2023.