Section 1: Personal Particulars

Macau University of Science and Technology
MUST-Macao Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Project provided for Macao Youth Scholars Program:

Synthesis of ultra-stable quantum dots and their applications in Micro-LED
0805 材料科学与工程
0702 物理学,0703 化学,0704 天文学,0707 海洋科学,0708 地球物理学,0709 地质学,0713 生态学,0802 机械工程,0805 材料科学与工程,0808 电气工程,0811 控制科学与工程,0831 生物医学工程,1001 基础医学,1004 公共卫生与预防医学,1007 药学
The candidate must have a PhD degree in Chemistry, Materials, Physics or related fields with an in-depth training in synthesis of luminescent nanomaterials and fabrications of optoelectronic devices.
PhD degree
My main research direction is the synthesis and application of quantum dots. In the past 10 years, I have been committed to solving the stability bottleneck that limits the application of quantum dots. I totally published 96 papers in international journals such as Nature Phonetics, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Journal of the American Chemical Society, etc. The above research has been cited more than 8,600 times in total,11of which were selected as ESI highly cited papers. In 2022, I was ranked as the top 2% most cited scientists in the world by Stanford University. In addition to publishing papers, I have obtained a total of 44 patents, including 2 international (main industrial country) patents, 2 US patents, and 40 Chinese patents, 4 of which are licenced to industry partners, and have achieved mass production and market sale.

Section 2: Research Interests and Grants

Synthesis of quantum dots and other nanophosphor for LED applications. Fabrication optoelectronic devices based on quantum dots.
MUST李良-科研啟動經費項目 Startup funding, Macau University of Science and Technology, SSF-22-001-MIMSE, 2,000,000MOP, 3Years